Sunday, December 27, 2009

508 Ornaments Sold

After adding up all the ornaments JT's mother sold at her work along with a few more sold during Christmas, we are now at 508... we have to paint and ship several more. Of course, though, we will sell them as long as ornaments are available and people want them. We are just blown away by outstanding sales! Today we also had our first Home Study interviews....the individual ones about our childhoods...

Please check out a few blogs to the right. Two and Counting as well as The Gibsons'. Both families are in Ethiopia picking up their children as we speak. They could use the prayer and support!

Here are some more pictures of friends with the ornaments...Please keep sending them!

My dear friends from medical school.... Lisa Foody and Jason Ryan. They are getting married this April. As you can tell, they live in Chicago! I love these two people!

Sabrina Pate, a friend from college, with her two nieces and their ornaments

Gavin Perry with his ornament

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