Friday, November 13, 2009

Interview Season

For those of you who have never had someone close to you go through the process of becoming a doctor, it can be very difficult to comprehend. Until Natalie decided to pursue medicine in December 2005, my thoughts of doctors were limited to the terrible experiences I endured at my pediatrician and orthopedic surgeons who worked with various sports teams that I have been associated with. Needless to say, it is a long hard road. After you have completed your four years of medical school (which Nat will in December), you complete your residency program which can range from 3-7 years depending on the specialty. Nat is in the process of interviewing for residency positions. She has a total of 10 interviews lined up. They include stops in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. Because I like to travel and enjoy getting out of Somerset any chance I can, I try to accompany her on some of these interviews.

Last weekend, after we went to the celebration at Arise, we departed for Richmond, VA. Natalie was interviewing with the Pediatrics Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. Neither of us had ever been to Richmond (although one of my best friends, David Boyden is originally from there), so we were looking forward to checking the place out. While Nat interviewed, I spent the day hanging with two guys I was on staff with at UGA basketball. Natalie and I did not know what to expect from VCU or Richmond but we loved it. The city was very nice and Nat had a great interview. Ironically, the director of the program has adopted four children from Russia and runs a clinic for adopted kids in Richmond. Of course, her and Nat hit it off.

We departed Richmond and headed for Eastern Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Natalie really liked the program and the people there, but I did not like Greenville at all. My new rule is if I have to travel to your "city" and must take a two-lane road for 20 miles to get there, you do not live in a city. Greenville is out in the middle of nowhere.

Nat's interview ended at 2pm on Tuesday and we had to drive straight back because we both had to work on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the remnants of Hurricane Ida decided to bombard NC, VA, and TN that day. It rained (not sprinkled or drizzled) the entire trip. To compound problems, several weeks ago a major rock slide on the NC/TN border forced the shut down of Interstate 40 in both directions. This, of course, happened to be the route we should have taken. Instead, we made what would look like a rhombus or trapeziod over the mid-Atlantic.

Total Miles in 3 days: 1300

Total Gas Money: $140 (thank God for tiny Nissan Sentras)

Total Rain: a lot

Funniest Part of the Trip: we were completely slap happy somewhere in NC and decided to play the name game. I'm not sure if you know how to play it but it begins with one person saying the name of someone they know or a celebrity. The next person has to name a different person with either the same first or last name. Here was, by far, the funniest sequence:

JT: Ricky Martin
Nat: Donna Martin (from 90210)
JT: Felice Martin (Donna's mom)
Nat: Doc Martin (the shoes)
JT: Dr. John Martin (Donna's dad)

Yes, we watch too much TV.

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